Dos and Don’ts when Hiring a Property Photographer

When putting a property on the market, hiring a professional property photographer is important. It can help you to effectively showcase the home and attract potential buyers. However, not all property photographers provide the same level of quality, service, and results.

It’s important to understand the key dos and don’ts when selecting and working with a property photographer. From initial research to final photo delivery, keeping these best practices in mind helps ensure you end up with stunning visual content to maximise interest and appeal for your listing.

Dos when Hiring a Property Photographer

Do your research.

Look at potential photographers’ online portfolios to get a feel for their style and see examples of their previous property photo shoots. Check reviews and testimonials to understand others’ experiences working with them.

Discuss your needs and expectations.

Be very clear about exactly what photos you need, including different rooms, outdoor spaces, etc. Talk about your goals for the photos such as marketing the property online or including them in print listings.

Ask about equipment and editing.

Find out what type of camera, lenses, lighting, and other gear they use. You want to be sure the equipment is high quality and suitable for taking sharp, bright real estate imagery. Also ask about their editing process to polish and perfect the photos.

Consider all costs upfront.

Reputable photographers will provide you with an itemised estimate accounting for their shoot fee, travel expenses, editing time, and any additional photo products or services like virtual staging. There should be no hidden surprises. We have an online booking page where you can get a quote instantly, you can take a look here to get an idea for pricing.

Ask about turnaround time.

Find out when you can expect to receive the final set of photos so there are no delays or mismatched expectations. Many real estate photographers deliver edited images within a week after shooting.

Don’ts when Hiring a Property Photographer

Don’t simply choose based only on price. While budget is important, it should not be the deciding factor. An extremely low-priced photographer is likely to cut corners somehow in equipment, experience, editing, etc.

Don’t overlook professionalism.

Beware photographers who show up late, seem disorganised on the shoot, or are difficult to communicate and coordinate with. You want someone reliable and professional.

Don’t accept rushed sloppy editing.

If sample images contain obvious flaws like visible dust spots, crooked horizons, over-sharpening artefacts and more, this signals problematic editing you want to avoid. More on that here.

Don’t get pressured into purchasing more.

Some less ethical photographers will aggressively upsell you on purchasing additional prints, digital files, and photo products you may not need quite yet.

Final Words

Hiring the right real estate photographer takes some savvy evaluation of factors like portfolio, equipment, experience, and vision aligning with your needs. By following the dos for finding photographic professionals with verified skills and creativity, your home listing images will shine beautifully to expedite a profitable sale.

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