How Much Does Airbnb Photography Cost?

With over 4 million Airbnb listings worldwide, competition is fierce for property hosts to stand out and attract more bookings. Professional photography has become an essential investment to showcase your space in the best light. But how much should you budget for an Airbnb photoshoot? The cost can vary significantly depending on the size of your property, image resolutions required, the number of images, and additional services. This guide breaks down the typical costs so you can make an informed decision. Lets take a look at how much does airbnb photography cost?

Photography Service Fees

Most Airbnb photographers charge a base service fee to cover their time and talent behind the camera. This starts from around £100 for a property with a current market value of under 300k. The fee is typically based on the service you get. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for a property under £300,000 to have a better understanding of it: 

  • Photos – £100

All the following if purchased with photos as part of a package-

  • Video – £70
  • Drone – £50
  • Floor Plan – £20

For a larger property valued over £3 million, the prices can be as follows: 

  • Photos – £190

All the following if purchased with photos as part of a package-

  • Video – £70
  • Drone – £50
  • Floor Plan – £50

Some photographers may bundle this service fee in with the total costs or price per image, while others list it separately. Be sure to check if there’s a separate charge on top of the per photo rates listed.

To make this easier for you- we have an online booking form which you can access here.

Additional Photography Services

On top of the base fees and per image rates, some Airbnb photographers offer extras services that add more value. Common upgrades include:

  • Retouching
  • Virtual staging
  • Twilight shoots

These optional upgrades allow you to perfect photos digitally, create a mood, highlight selling features, or use videos to sell the experiences and view surrounding your property.

While paying more for retouched photos or cinematic footage may seem costly upfront, it can help your listing compete with other exceptional listings that go the extra mile. Review your property strengths and weaknesses, your target guest and pricing to decide which extras are worth investing in.

DIY Photography Costs

Some property hosts prefer to handle photography themselves to save on costs. With a bit of practice, an entry-level DSLR camera, tripod, and editing software, you can produce decent photos yourself for little or no added spend.

However, lacking the right gear and photography skills can result in sub-par amateur images that don’t showcase your property in the best light. Missing that wow factor can negatively impact your listing views, booking rates and rental yields. That’s why you should be extra careful with DIY property photography

Weigh up if compromise on quality to save a few hundred pounds is worth potentially losing thousands in lost bookings from unattractive photos. Paying a modest photography fee is often returned many times over in extra nights booked.

Airbnb Photography Cost Considerations

Attractive photos that cast your property in an enticing lifestyle light are invaluable for higher bookings and better reviews. But photography does involve an extra investment. To make the spend more palatable:

  • Compare multiple photographer quotes for the best value based on your specific needs
  • Consider paying hourly rates rather than per photo if shooting time is minimal 
  • Ask about discounts for multiple property listings 
  • Check for special offers run at less peak times 
  • negotiate rates and extras based on your total budget 
  • Weigh up cost against potential earnings over years of extra bookings gained

Strike the right balance for your margins. Protect profitability but don’t compromise on visual impact in this highly competitive rental marketplace. With spiralling demand for short lets, quality photography is essential to rise out from the competition. If you want to learn more on how much your Airbnb listing photoshoot would cost, take a look at our Online Pricing Form. We hope we have answered your question- how much does airbnb photography cost.

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