Property Photography Tips for Airbnb Listings in Manchester

Manchester has many exciting tourism hotspots that are worth highlighting to potential Airbnb guests. From museums and galleries to iconic sports arenas, to vibrant food and drink scenes, Manchester has something for all interests. Some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Manchester include the Manchester Museum and Manchester Art Gallery at Mosley Street, Manchester Cathedral and Chetham’s Library for heritage, and the National Football Museum. People who visit to explore these attractions pick nearby Airbnbs for their convenience. 

With over 4,000 Airbnb listings in Manchester competing for guests’ attention, professional photography has become crucial for hosts to make their properties stand out. High-quality photos that showcase your home in the best possible light can capture potential guests’ interest and drive more bookings. Follow these photography tips to create standout imagery for your Manchester Airbnb rental:

Use a Wide-Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens allows you to fit more of the room into each shot, showing off more features and space. For small rooms, a 16-35mm (full frame) wide-angle zoom lens lets you exaggerate dimensions, so areas appear larger. Capture entire living spaces and bedrooms in one photo to highlight all amenities.

Perfect the White Balance

Adjusting the white balance compensates for different lighting conditions, preventing unsightly yellow or blue colour casts from tainting images. Test shots will enable you to calibrate whites under specific bulbs and sunlight. Properly balancing whites depicts accurate colours and a consistent style throughout listings.

Style the Space

Thoughtful styling elevates photographic appeal by coordinating colours, adding personality through accessories, fluffing pillows, and tidying clutter. Make beds with high-end linens and decorative pillows. Infuse brand identity via signage and amenities conveying precisely what makes your rental special.

Focus on Standout Features

Hero shots spotlighting striking architectural details like exposed brick accent walls, stainless steel appliances, spa bathrooms, or mod furnishings capture attention while conveying a lifestyle. Photograph special highlights like lounge areas, theatres, bars, balconies, or slit windows individually to showcase the advantages of your space compared to alternatives.

Use Natural Light

Abundant natural light minimises shadows and illuminates corners that might otherwise get lost. Photograph near large windows, sliding glass doors, and skylights. Reflectors can redirect sunshine into darker spaces as needed. For exteriors, overcast days create even illumination without harsh contrasts.

Mind the Angles

Shooting from multiple angles adds dimensionality while capturing more visual intricacies compared to straight-on shots. Atop ladders and staircases grant bird’s eye perspectives over rooms. Kneeling shoots upwards towards high ceilings to emphasise grandiosity. Creative compositional approaches showcase more personality at alluring angles guests crave.

Portray Local Culture

Infusing imagery with Manchester’s culture through wall art, Northern Quarter skyline perspectives from windows, football paraphernalia, or other local flair conveys the authenticity international travellers seek in short-term rentals. This grants a competitive edge over generic corporate apartments lacking regional charm.

Proximity Showcases Granularity

When photographing bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, get close and fill frames with furnishings, textures, and amenities. Granular details displayed up close enable potential guests to inspect quality bed linens, assess couch roominess, admire the upscale decor, and view the electronics offered. This transparency builds trust.

By implementing these photography best practices showcasing your property and Manchester’s captivating urban landscape, your Airbnb listing will get noticed amongst competitors. Professional imagery converts viewers into enthusiastic guests envisioning themselves staying at your welcoming rental. With striking photos that spark desire, you can expect an uptick in occupancy and income. We hope you can improve your airbnb property photography with the above tips.

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