The Full View: Drone Marketing in Luxury Real Estate

Drone footage is quickly becoming the driving force of luxury real estate marketing, taking all the legwork out of the buying and selling of beautiful properties. The advantages of drone photography when marketing a home are quite vast, encompassing aerial views of the entire property and land whilst highlighting unique and characteristic features. With so many benefits making dynamic imagery so affordable, it’s easy to see why drones are taking the marketing world by storm.

Dramatic, compelling footage

Unlike still images and plain text, virtual tours can keep the viewer glued to your website for up to an hour, replaying and inspecting beauty spots within the home. Drone videography offers wide angle shots and shooting in various modes, along with an extensive range of image settings installed in the software. This results in innovative content that is creative, dynamic and feels new to look at each time. Take a look at some examples on our site here.

Highlight property features

The longer a client spends looking through different sections of the property, the more they can imagine themselves owning it. Drone footage allows us to highlight features that would not have seen the light of day if it weren’t for drones in the real estate industry. Their mobility, especially in remote areas, adds more value to the aerial content as it allows clients to take in the listings’ surroundings well enough to make favourable decisions. Better listings spark curiosity and interest, drawing in more customers and enhancing your brand for future clients.

Expertly executed by a professional

Drones are swift and agile pieces of machinery that require great skill to operate, especially when creating new and dynamic content. Here at Hovver we consider many different factors before a shoot, such as what time of day would best capture the building and produce brighter and sharper imagery.

Angles are also crucial to tailoring the imagery to the property’s best features; if there’s a stunning outhouse which is hard to capture in one ground-based shot, a drone can tie this into one clean sweep around the exterior. Perhaps most importantly, our fully licensed Drone Pilots use their industry knowledge and experience to ensure the shoot does not violate any flight restrictions, considering other buildings, roads or people nearby. We are fully CAA compliant.

Drone footage is the next step to alleviate the burden of marketing from real estate agents all whilst saving time, effort and cost for the added benefit of luxury imagery. Elevate your marketing strategy by showing your property from the best viewpoint – the air. Check out some of the stunning properties in our portfolio, or reach out to chat out reinventing your real estate listings.

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