How to Avoid Legal Issues with Drone Property Photography

Drones have opened up exciting possibilities for real estate photography and videography. Getting beautiful aerial shots of properties can really make listings stand out. However, operating drones for commercial purposes comes with legal requirements that you need to follow in order to avoid fines or other penalties. Here are some tips to keep your drone […]

Stand Out with an Online Estate Agent: Tips for Listings

In the new age of the property market, its no secret that online estate agents have become a large part of the industry. Companies like Purplebricks, Strike and Yopa have taken the market by storm, helping vendors to list their property on the market for a much lower cost than traditional estate agents. In this […]

Residential Drone Photography: Legal Insights

Drone photography has become a pivotal tool in showcasing properties, offering captivating perspectives. Understanding the legal parameters and necessary qualifications is essential for property photographers. This article explores legal guidelines in residential drone photography (UK). 1. A2 C of C Qualification: In the post-2020 regulatory framework, the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 C of C) […]

Eyes in the Sky: The Rising Popularity of Drone Footage Marketing

Do you remember the first time you saw a drone? Drones entered the mainstream imagination as futuristic, flying, camera-wielding machines offering an exciting new perspective. In an online world full of photos and videos taken from every angle imaginable, drones are delivering footage that is new to look at the for the first time again. […]

The Full View: Drone Marketing in Luxury Real Estate

Drone footage is quickly becoming the driving force of luxury real estate marketing, taking all the legwork out of the buying and selling of beautiful properties. The advantages of drone photography when marketing a home are quite vast, encompassing aerial views of the entire property and land whilst highlighting unique and characteristic features. With so […]

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