The Seller’s Guide to Drone Photography: Elevating Your Listing

Using drone photography and videography is a great way for estate agents and sellers to elevate their listings above the crowd and increase buyer interest. With eye-catching aerial images and smooth video clips, drone photography can showcase a property from a completely new perspective. And as drones become more accessible and affordable, they are becoming a must-have tool for UK estate agents and home sellers.

This seller’s guide outlines how drone photography can boost your listing during every phase of the property sales cycle.

Capturing the First Impression

During the early marketing stages, compelling photos and videos are key to sparking buyer curiosity and driving visits to your open houses and property viewings. Drone photography gives potential buyers a bird’s-eye view of not just the home itself, but the surrounding neighbourhood, landscape, local amenities and transport links. With sweeping elevated shots, viewers get a strong sense of the property’s location and unique selling points from the very first glance.

Accentuating Standout Features

Drone photography enable you to highlight special features that buyers may literally not see from standard photos shot at eye level. Aerial photography can showcase sprawling gardens with patio or decking areas that are difficult to capture from the ground. Elevated camera angles draw attention towards attributes like private pools, tennis courts, annexed buildings and ample parking. Drone videography lets you lead viewers on a dynamic tour across large plots of land or farms.

Reinforcing the Lifestyle Appeal 

Drone content helps strengthen the aspirational, lifestyle-focused qualities that hook buyers emotionally with a property. Breathtaking elevated shots of the rolling countryside, coastline or cityscape beyond the backyard reinforce that deep down wish fulfilment that sparks serious buyer interest. Aerial footage tours buyers through the neighbourhood can spotlight proximity to leisure hubs, family activities, shopping and dining.

Streamlining the Sales Process 

As buyer viewings ramp up during the sales process, drone photography keeps your listing looking its absolute best at this most critical stage. A recent Redfin survey showed that listings with drone photography sell over 30% faster. As buyers narrow down their shortlist across multiple house viewings, memorable drone photos and videos will make your property stick out.

Ensuring Smooth Transactions

Even as buyers commit to a purchase offer, stunning drone visual content reduces the risk of nasty surprises derailing the transaction further down the line. Elevated perspective shots allow buyers to deeply impact roofs for any problems not visible from the ground. Aerial footage verifies that boundary lines, fences and ancillary buildings match the property description.

Maximising Curb Appeal 

As the sales completion date nears, accurate drone photography captures any small cosmetic issues that sellers can quickly fix to boost their home’s curb appeal. Aerial shots might reveal a cracked driveway, overgrown bushes, faded paintwork on rear sheds, debris on flat roof segments or a weather-beaten deck needing treatment. It pays for sellers to polish up these final touches.

Final Words

So, for UK estate agents and home sellers aiming to elevate their listings in a tough property marketplace, drone photography is an invaluable tool during all phases of the sales journey. The unique elevated perspectives, sweeping shots and smooth video flyovers that drones enable can make all the difference in showcasing a property in its best possible light across every step – right from first listing through to final sale.

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