The Benefits of Professional Video Tours for Estate Agents

Are you an estate agent who is looking forward to promoting your properties online and attracting more leads? Then you need to take a look at professional video tours. People who go through property listings would prefer to look at a video tour, instead of reading a description or browsing some photos. That’s because it helps them to get a better idea of how the property is, within a short time period. With that in mind, let’s learn more about the benefits you can get out of professional video tours.

Improved Online Presence

According to recent studies, property listings with videos tend to attract 403% more inquiries than others. With the majority of buyers first scouring the internet and social media to view listings, video tours allow agents to put their best digital foot forward. Unlike static images, video immerses home-seekers in the property and community for a realistic preview that builds engagement and interest.

By seamlessly integrating video tours on their website, social platforms, and listing sites, agents can increase traffic, clicks, time-on-page, and overall brand visibility. This strengthened online presence expands an agent’s reach beyond their immediate area, tapping into the vast digital market. You can learn more about the benefits of professional property video tours here

Enhanced Listing Presentation

Listing presentations with professional video tours is far more dynamic and memorable than photographs or in-person showings alone. Cinematically filmed with high-resolution cameras, branded graphics, professional editing, and ambient sound, they fully showcase every feature and angle of the property in an aesthetically pleasing format. You can look at the best property video marketing ideas to get the maximum returns out of what you create. 

After viewing a property video tour, buyers gain comprehensive insight into layout, flow, lighting, finishes, neighbourhood and more – eliminating surprises down the road. Presenting such a complete picture builds trust and credibility while also tapping into emotional hooks that static photos cannot.

Wider Audience Reach

Video tours enable estate agents to connect with a wider segment of motivated buyers. For out-of-town buyers planning a move or searching before an upcoming trip, video offers the convenience of an on-demand virtual showing from anywhere at any time. This caters perfectly to relocating professionals, snowbirds seeking a second home, or expat investors.

Additionally, video tours accommodate buyers and renters with limited mobility or Strict time constraints by providing flexible preliminary showings. By extending their buyer reach, agents can boost buyer competition and drive-up selling prices or rental rates.

Higher Listing Engagement

Video tours measurably enhance listing engagement over images alone. Instead of hurriedly flipping through photos, home-seekers will invest substantial time watching, analysing, and re-watching listing videos. This increased time-on-listing helps properties stand out, sparks emotional connections, and motivates buyers to learn more or schedule in-person showings.

In competitive markets, maintaining high listing engagement is crucial when buyers have abundant housing choices vying for their attention. Video tours keep your listings top of mind while building familiarity and desirability with buyers during their home search journey.

Standing Out from Competitors

In such a crowded industry, implementing professional video tours is an immense competitive differentiator – forcing competitors to follow suit or risk falling behind. Much like the website adoption wave over a decade ago, video tours raise the minimum expectations homebuyers have when researching agents and listings online.

Those agents embracing video early stand to become influencers, category leaders, and disruption pioneers. In the process, they can accumulate online authority, market share dominance, and runaway referral growth.

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