The Impact of Property Photography on Selling Prices: UK Case Studies

Are you trying to sell your property in the UK? High-quality photography is no longer optional; it’s a powerful tool that can significantly impact selling prices and attract potential buyers. Let’s try to understand the importance of property photography in the UK market through case studies and highlight its potential impact on selling prices.

The Impact of Property Photography on Selling Prices: UK Case Studies

Case Study 1

An Image Enhancement Company aimed to demonstrate the power of high-quality visuals in the property market.

In a hands-on refurbishment project, Alex compared ‘before’ shots taken with a basic camera to ‘after’ shots captured with a digital SLR and enhanced images. The difference was nothing short of enchanting.

The refurbished property, initially valued between £90,000 – £100,000, boldly listed at £100,000. The property was viewed on the very day it went on the market, and an unexpected offer of £103,000 blew expectations out of the water. Check here for more details. 


Properties with enhanced photos consistently attracted more inquiries than those with basic visuals. Listings with superior photography were more likely to achieve asking prices or higher, breaking conventional valuation ceilings.

Case Study 2

Drones have become a game-changer, providing a unique perspective for property marketing. A former software salesman, he delved into drone photography after completing his PfCO course. He quickly dominated the property market, securing Coventry’s largest estate agent as a top client. He helped buyers sell properties at quiet good prices.


It highlights the transformative power of drone photography in the real estate market. Beyond aerial shots, offering diverse services, mastering post-processing, and strategic growth contribute to success in this niche.

Importance of High-Quality Photography

These case studies illustrate the tangible impact of professional photography on selling prices. Several factors contribute to this impact:

Increased Buyer Interest: High-quality photos attract more online views and inquiries by capturing attention and showcasing the property’s best features.

Virtual Tours: High-quality photography serves as the foundation for virtual tours, offering buyers a realistic experience of the property without visiting physically.

Accurate Representation: Professional photographers know how to represent the property’s size, layout, and features accurately, leading to fewer disappointed buyers and ultimately, faster sales.

The UK property market is highly competitive, and online listings are the primary source of information for potential buyers. According to Rightmove, 90% of buyers use online resources to search for properties, highlighting the importance of visually appealing listings. So you can also get a good price and attract potential clients through quality real estate photography. You must choose a reliable company to get effective results. For example, Hovver, is offering real estate photography services in Manchester. Get drone services, videography, and professional photos to target potential customers and close deal at the best possible price. 


Investing in professional photography is a strategic investment for UK sellers. The potential increase in selling price and the faster turnaround time can offset the initial cost of professional photography services. By showcasing their property in the best possible light, sellers can increase buyer interest, achieve a higher selling price, and gain a competitive edge in the UK.


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