Creative and Bold Marketing: Standing Out in the Property Market

In today’s competitive property market, property agents need creative and bold marketing strategies to make their listings stand out. One innovative approach gaining popularity is the use of high-dynamic-range (HDR) photography, drone photography, and video to showcase properties. These visual media not only capture a property’s features in an eye-catching way but also allow potential […]

The Evolution of Property Marketing Technology

The property industry has undergone a digital transformation in recent years. From augmented reality home tours to automated valuation models, technology is changing how properties are marketed, valued, and sold. This technological evolution aims to improve efficiency, reach more buyers, provide a better customer experience, and gain a competitive advantage. Lets dive into some property […]

Staging your Property for Property Photography- Guide

Staging property is one of the most important aspects of any property shoot. By following this guidance you can make the shoot quicker, and ensure your property is presented optimally to any prospective buyers.  Once one of our photographers has arrived at your property, they can advise on anything you might not be sure about. […]

The Importance of Next-Day Delivery in Property Photography

The Internet Age has conditioned consumers to expect instant gratification. Whether it’s streaming a movie or having groceries delivered in hours, we want what we want without delay. This demand for swift service now extends to property transactions. In today’s fast-paced market, next-day delivery of critical documents can make or break a property deal. The […]

Professional Photography Services are Essential to Maximise the Value of Lower-Value Properties

When it comes to selling properties, regardless of their value, the importance of visual presentation cannot be overstated. While some may assume that professional photography, videography, and drone services are reserved for high-end properties, the reality is that they are equally essential for selling lower-value properties. In this article, we explore why investing in professional […]

How Much Does Airbnb Photography Cost?

With over 4 million Airbnb listings worldwide, competition is fierce for property hosts to stand out and attract more bookings. Professional photography has become an essential investment to showcase your space in the best light. But how much should you budget for an Airbnb photoshoot? The cost can vary significantly depending on the size of […]

The Future of Property Photography

The property industry relies heavily on high-quality property photography to market and sell homes. As technology advances, new trends are emerging that are changing and improving real estate photography. Here are some of the prominent ways that property photography is likely to evolve in the coming years. Lets take a look at the future of […]

Gear You Need to Get Started with Property Photography

Getting into property photography is an excellent way to start a photography business or supplement your income as a photographer. With the high demand for marketing images for real estate listings and vacation rental properties, there are ample opportunities available. However, capturing beautiful, high-quality images of homes requires specialised gear suited for this type of […]

Property Photography Tips for Airbnb Listings in Manchester

Manchester has many exciting tourism hotspots that are worth highlighting to potential Airbnb guests. From museums and galleries to iconic sports arenas, to vibrant food and drink scenes, Manchester has something for all interests. Some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Manchester include the Manchester Museum and Manchester Art Gallery at Mosley Street, Manchester […]

How Twilight Photography Can Transform Your Property

As the day transitions into night, there is a magical window of time when the lighting outdoors creates a beautiful, ethereal glow. This is known as twilight, or the “blue hour” and it offers a gorgeous backdrop that can utterly transform the look of your home or business. By having a talented photographer capture your […]

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